What is Dalil Masr?

What's Dalil Masr?

Dalil Masr is an online free directory, which provides accurate information about any service, product, and/or tool available at the Egyptian market. Dalil Masr directory does not need any experience to deal with computer or internet. Browsing relies on the finest developing code technologies used in advanced search methods.

The website includes comprehensive information about companies, shops, showrooms, and service providers in the Egyptian Region. Dalil Masr is based on facilitating Egyptian market information acquisition through an accurate database based on advanced search techniques instantly at just a fingertip.

Welcome to Dalil Masr

Moreover, it is the first of its type; and is going to be distinguished by offering internet users an easy comparison between best prices and services with only one simple interface within Dalil Masr; the best ever free Egyptian online search directory. Dalil Masr completely debars any indecent pictures, materials, subjects or advertisements conflicting with Egyptian consumers urbanity. It prohibits any viewpoint related to religion, sect, race, and/or sex. The same prohibition applies to political viewpoints, as it is a service Website, and does not belong to any religion, sect or race. Dalil Masr adopts (R&D) research and development strategy. The project will spare no money or effort to provide digital substance to all web users, whether they be local Egyptians or expatriates.

LOGO Identity

Dalil Masr logo is in two palms of the hand applauding (conducting the valued promised service) in black and red color along with white background (Egyptian Flag Colors), the other right and left acute blue triangles meaning the Nile River welfare.

Data in Dalil Masr is not only useful to customer but for companies & business owners as well. Dalil Masr provides services based on customers needs that make us the right place on the Internet that make you understand problems better rather than being confused in buying expensive advertising packages. Although Dalil Masr is FREE, it provides accurate information about Egyptian marketplace..

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